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> Version 7.1.1 Updates, This is a list of all update for 7.1.1
John Ewing
post Oct 22 2009, 08:22 PM
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7.1.1n 10/10/09 online ps update
FUEL IMPORT - added Multiserve to the fuel import formats
W2 - added state tax id to Header Info and to W2 form

7.1.1M 10/5/09 ps update
I&E-REGISTER: fixed a bug in how amounts displayed when acct only used in split transactions
PAYROLL - added a process to Verify Miles Marked Paid to all user to close any open mileage
records that were never paid in payroll. second ps update 10/7/09

7.1.1m 9/24/09 online ps update
ROUTING - export miles was not working when you needed to relax restrictions, the value was set
in calcMilesTime but then reset before calculating it again in export
HEADER - 7.1.1m2, added state id no to the header info PS Online Update 9/24/09

7.1.1L 9/6/09 online ps update
INVOICE - added the DEL# to the list of Del locations
FRMMAP - walked through the form_load, setoptions, etc. to be its all covered by error handlers
REPORTS - added a 3 digits to the pro#/inv in the outstanding a/r aging report
INVOICE - added a qualifier to the invoice_image logo name to tell it to print the header info
below the logo (invoice_imageH.jpg) prints it, invoice_image.jpg doesnt)
INVOICE (additional update 9/16 for qualifier)

7.1.1l 8/24/09 online ps update (added last item in a 8/27 update)
INVOICE - added the PU# to the list of pickup locations instead of the bottom of the form
DISPATCH-ROUTING - added ProNumber to the location error message box to make it easier to locate the bad record
PICKUPS - changed length of PU# from 12 spaces to 25
ROUTING - fixed a problem with it saving Canadian zips in the routes table

7.1.1K 8/19/09 online ps update
ROUTING OFF - if you turn routing off it wont ask you more than once to turn it back on
PRINT BILL ONLY INVOICE - added Alt+F12 to call the printer to print a bill only invoice
PRINT BILL ONLY INVOICE - reworked a little to clean up the invoice appearance
BOOKING - added BROKER to the ADDLOAD function as an exception to the getDriver function

SEND EMAIL - changed WriteEmailData to include email address when doing invoices
SEND EMAIL - added ability to have a mail.txt file that adds to the message box
in the send email window when double clicked, also attaches rpt.txt, and makes

7.1.1J 8/3/09 online ps update
FUEL UPDATE - added line numbers to the err handler.
PAYROLL - fixed bug in adding an OTHER TAX

7.1.1j - 7/19/09 online ps update
MILES - found problem with intercity not rounding to whole numbers in manual routing export
ACCTNG - made a couple changes to get it to refresh better when toggling

7.1.1I 7/4/09 online ps update
MILEAGE - fixed a bug when you hit ENTER key while in FIND mode.

7.1.1i 6/17/09 testing version
BALANCE SHEET - made a couple corrections to deal with Driver Reimburse & Driver Advances
when theyre mixed payments by cash/charge accounts
STATUS FORM - changed it to better handle bad records in Booking and get a valid Invoice To Print total
ROUTING - the run order export was ony working from dispatch, added code to allow it to export from
the routing page.
I&E REGISTER - reworked the Driver Reimburse/Driver Advance so they would report accurately, same
issue as above with balance sheet

7.1.1H 6/11/09 online ps update
PAYROLL added routine to handle payrolls with nothing in the Check Number box.
I&E - added ability to settle outstanding driver advance by marking it settled in the Program Info
field - this is for cases where the driver is terminated owing money. Since we added functions
below to get actual pay date, this is necessary to stop it from erroring when no actual settled
date exists in payroll records.
PAYROLL - fixed a bug bringing in surcharges for P&D(split loads)

7.1.1h 5/25/09 - PS UPDATE
below added after hester build and all in the pu update
BALANCE SHEET - added a new function that gets the actual pay date instead of the Settled date
to determine when a Advance was actually settled.
PAYROLL REPORTS - added a Driver Advance report
PAYROLL - added a function to Verify Payroll Records to validate pay dates and Settled - dates,
will automatically fix if it finds error and print report on what it fixes.

7.1.1h - 5/1/09 special build for HESTER
EDI - added the ability for program to do a flat file for edi214 for HESTER/COOPER TIRE ONLY!!

7.1.1G - 4/6/09 4/6/09 ONLINE PS UPDATE (didnt change letter for this one)
I&E-REGISTER - added Driver code to the DRIVER ADVANCE display in LIST OF ACCOUNTS

7.1.1G - 3/24/09 ps update
DISPATCH - somehow the order by statement on the deliveries went south, fix it in getDisp
TRAILER TRACKER - adjustments to the way it displays DROPPED, and LOCATION
LOAD BOARD - changed the way it displays the unassigned loads so it does it by pro#/date

7/1/1g - no idea, didnt put a note here sad.gif

7.1.1F - 3/3/09 online update
PICKUP/DEL - fixed a bug when you turn on run order and then return to a previous screen with no run order set

7.1.1f - 2/10/09 still a bug in the export -
ROUTING - bug in export miles when it runs the autocorrection for too many miles
ROUTING - RUN ORDER ON - error exporting intercity correctly

7.1.1E 2/7/09 online ps update
BILLING - removed a bad error message on cant update field miles
BILLING - fixed the Load List so it would reset focus on the description box if New Load selected
ROUTING - added a fix for the ProMiles multi-state border crossing errors

7.1.1D - 2/2/09
ROUTING - moved the mnuExport to the Export Miles function (note this uncovered the ProMiles error see above)

7.1.1d /27/09 ps update
PAYROLL - PRETAX - added check box to tell program to deduct from State Gross doing W2 -
this does not affect any state tables at this point
ROUTING - complete rework of the export function for run order loads.
PS RESET - added ability to recheck for PS to the double click on front page

7.1.1C 1/16/09 ps update
SOAP CHECK - added to main page double click
REWORKED the Checking for updates timer (changed this to a new system) sets a varialble on
first try and if it fails skips the online check on second try
PASSWORDS - removed the old style passwords from fleet version screens - left for driver version only

REPORTS/MILEAGE - added start/end hubs for truck number report
MILES - fixed a bug in IMPORT
BALANCE SHEET - modified to do fiscal years

7.1.1B rel2 1/7/09
Lease Activation (Bookkeeper only) fixed error in lease date activation when not opening with truck7
Tax Tables - when toggling and you go past the EOF/BOF you get a runtime error
NETWORKING - HELP/ABOUT changed the way the reset works and added error handlers

7.1.1B 1/3/09 ps update
I&E - Register & Balance Sheet - fixed problem with both of them reporting payroll deductions for
loan payments incorrectly when payroll paid by credit card/charge account

7.1.1b 12/30/08 ps update
DISPATCH/ROUTING - added a better message to the routing check to compare last dispatched loction
to last location in miles (error caused by zip code sometimes).
ROUTING - found a spot where it was seeing a split as a sub-pro and this was causing it not to
export P if D was not yet delivered.

7.1.1a 12/24/08 ps update and new demos
ROUTING - added a label to the HazMat box
ROUTING - error initializing giving an erroneous message about GPS INITIALIZATION
I&E - REGISTER - added code to deal with the paying payroll by CC and the deductions
for liabilities being reported incorrectly
REPORTS - BALANCE SHEET - added code to deal with above condition in the Bal Sheet
ROUTING - fixed a bug in the autoroute/runorder code, was not calculating runorder (loaDone)
STATE TAX - UT added

TRIP REPORT - added a warning if the number of trips exceeds the number of states in the fuel tax table
BOOKKEEPER - LOGIN - changed the login so you can log in to other dbs and lease check is done in truck7 only
PAYROLL - fixed bug in showing rate1 for split rate in the Calculate section.
DISPATCH - AUTOEXPORT MESSAGE added Total Miles to message box


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